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Our dedicated board of directors and staff oversee everything from grants and scholarships to donations and fund management.

  • Alec Walsh

    Alec Walsh

  • Julie Fay

    Julie Fay

    Vice Chair
  • Ellen Pesch

    Ellen Pesch

    Finance Chair
  • Isabelle Lew

    Isabelle Lew

  • Ollie Becker

    Ollie Becker

    Board Member
  • Carol Biondi

    Carol Biondi

    Board Member
  • Christopher Celeste

    Christopher Celeste

    Board Member
  • Cindy Doyle

    Cindy Doyle

    Board Member
  • Arielle Faria

    Arielle Faria

    Board Member
  • Luiza Mouzinho

    Luiza Mouzinho

    Board Member
  • Lisa Reagan

    Lisa Reagan

    Board Member
  • Mitch Rubin

    Mitch Rubin

    Board Member

The Community Foundation is a small but mighty operation. Our dynamic staff manages both incoming requests and outgoing funding while maintaining strong ties to our nonprofit colleagues.

  • Paul Schulz

    Paul Schulz

    Executive Director
  • Meg Oakes

    Meg Oakes

    Operations Director
  • Elizabeth Bennett

    Elizabeth Bennett

    Program Manager