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Investment Management

Since 1983, our prudent fund management approach has served both MVCF fund holders and Island nonprofits. By pooling philanthropic funds, we are able to access expert professional advice and deliver better returns.

  • Objective & Philosophy: We carefully grow our endowed investments over time.
  • Investment Management: Our chosen investment advisor, Brown Advisory, has consistently exceeded the portfolio benchmark while managing risk. Our dedicated Investment Committee meets quarterly to review our investment returns and adherence to the approved Investment Policy Statement.
  • Peter Brooks

    Peter Brooks

  • Christopher Celeste

    Christopher Celeste

    Board Member
  • Drew Marcus

    Drew Marcus

  • Edward F. Miller

    Edward F. Miller

  • Ellen Pesch

    Ellen Pesch

    Finance Chair
  • Alan Rappaport

    Alan Rappaport

  • Mitch Rubin

    Mitch Rubin

    Board Member
  • Alec Walsh

    Alec Walsh