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Transportation for Older Adults

One in three full-time Island residents are 65 or older—many without reliable transportation. In 2021, the MVCF convened the Older Adult Transportation Coalition in collaboration with Healthy Aging MV and the MV Commission.

Since then, 16 organizations—that serve older adults and people isolated at home or that provide transportation services—have transported Islanders in need to medical appointments on-and-off-Island and to on-Island social enrichment activities.

One of the programs, GoGoGrandparent, provides on-demand, on-Island transport services. GoGo participants call a toll-free number and speak to a live operator who finds them a local Uber/Lyft or taxi ride, eliminating technology barriers. The GoGo team also provides dispatchers who work with Healthy Aging MV to monitor each ride and provide assistance as needed. In the first year of operation, 80% of GoGoGrandparent participants reported an annual income of less than $25,000.

Lift technology assists local elders. Photo: MV Center for Living
VTA Shuttle Van in West Chop. Photo: MV Center for Living
Rupert Hughes, a GoGoGrandparent participant. Photo: Healthy Aging MV