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previous board members

  • Carlene J. Gatting


    Carlene J. Gatting

    Carlene served as the Chair of the Scholarship committee and was a champion for of the scholarship program through her decade with the Community Foundation.

  • emily bramhall


    Emily Bramhall

    Emily joined the board in 2008 and served as Board Chair before becoming Executive Director of the Community Foundation in 2016. She lead the organization through immense growth, before retiring in 2022.

  • Adriana Ignacio


    Adriana Ignacio

    Adriana Ignacio served on the Governance Committee.

  • Edward Miller


    Edward F. Miller

    Edward served as Chair of the Finance Committee, on the Outreach Committee, and as Treasurer during his time on the board.

  • Jim Weiss


    James Weiss

    Jim served on both the Finance and Scholarship Committees during his time on the board.

  • Mary Breslauer


    Mary Breslauer

    Mary Breslauer provided communications support while serving on the Board of Directors.

  • Sandra Grymes


    Sandra Grymes

    Sandra Grymes served on the Strategic Planning and Scholarship Committees.

  • Anne Williamson


    Anne Williamson

    Anne Williamson served as Chairperson and Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

  • Kerry Alley


    Kerry H. Alley

    Kerry Alley served on the board as Co-Chair, on the Scholarship Committee.

  • paul karasik


    Paul Karasik

    Paul served on the Outreach Committee, and Strategic Planning Committee