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Luiza Mouzinho

Board of Directors

Luiza Mouzinho

Board Member

Luiza and her family moved from Rio de Janeiro to Martha’s Vineyard in 1997, where she lived until graduating high school. Luiza then left for college to study philosophy at Holy Cross, after which she returned to the island. While working as a therapeutic mentor at the Island Counseling Center, Luiza learned about therapy, and saw an opportunity for a practical application of her passion for philosophy and the question of how to live a meaningful life.

In pursuit of this goal, Luiza applied for and received the Vineyard Vision Fellowship to attend Boston College. There she completed a dual Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Theology and Ministry. Luiza then returned to the island in 2018, where she has worked primarily with Brazilian newcomers at the Island Counseling Center as well as at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. Luiza’s work with the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation is another avenue for her to offer her insight and care to the community that she serves through her work as a therapist.