In 1983, the Permanent Endowment, now known as the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation, was presented with its first gift in the amount of $60,000 from the estate of Ruth J. Bogan establishing the Ruth J. Bogan – Ruth Redding Memorial Fund.  This Fund was created to honor Ruth Bogan who, in the words of her friend Ruth Redding, was a “gallant woman who loved beauty, who loved the Vineyard and who believed ‘anyone can do anything.’”  In her letter of instruction to the Endowment, Ruth Redding requested that some funds be used to “encourage fine craftsmanship, creativity and ingenuity in many fields through such awards as gifts, prizes and scholarships.”  Based on that wish, the Permanent Endowment established the Creative Living Award to recognize members of the Vineyard community who embody the spirit of Ruth Bogan and have contributed significantly to the quality of life on the Island.

Since 1983, the Creative Living Award has honored those who have worked to “preserve and nourish” the Vineyard and to “help the present inhabitants to realize the value of their treasure.”  From artists to farmers and doctors to volunteers, the award has highlighted the accomplishments of individuals and groups who have served the Island community well.

The Creative Living Award evening also includes a drawing for guests to win the opportunity to award $1,000 to Island nonprofits.  This drawing is made possible by the members of the Community Foundation Board who donate $1,000 to demonstrate their commitment to fostering philanthropy on the Vineyard.

YearAward Recipient
2022Charlie Esposito
2020-2021Captain Bob Douglas - click here to watch the short film!
2019IGI, Island Grown Initiative.
2018Clarence A. 'Trip' Barnes III
2017Heidi, Peter and Frank Dunkl
2016Johnny Hoy
2015Ann Smith and Francine Kelly
2014Steve Ewing
2013Rez Williams
2012Paul Brissette
2011Daniel Waters
2010Ross Gannon and Nat Benjamin
2009Helen Lamb and Camp Jabberwocky
2008Clarissa Allen and Mitchell Posin
2007Susan Klein
2006Russell S. Hoxsie, M.D.
2005MJ Bruder Munafo
2004Gus BenDavid
2003Art Buchwald
2002David and Rosalee McCullough
2001Stan Murphy
2000Bill and Kathleen Joyce Costanza
1999Peggy Pinney Vance
1998John R. Abrams and Debbie Milne
1997Peter Boak
1996African-American Heritage Trail of Martha’s Vineyard
1995Fae Kontje
1994Allen D. Whiting
1993Cornelia Mendenhall and the Red Stocking Fund
1992Mary Beth Grady and Allison Burger
1991Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard in Honor of its Volunteers
1990Margaret Hall and Sara Piazza
1989Margaret Love
1988Edwin B. Gentle III and Roxanne Jardin
1987Jean L. Silva
1986Harold Heeremans and Alison Shaw
1985E. Gale Huntington
1984Sydna White
1983Marian Halperin and H. Stanton Lair
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