You will receive an immediate notification on this web page upon successful submission of your application. You will also receive an email confirming receipt.  

Grants will be provided to Island 501.c.3 non-profits.

Grants will be considered for operational and programatic support on a rolling, weekly basis.

Priority will be given to nonprofits working on the frontline assisting our most vulnerable neighbors.

We will consider requests from nonprofits whose operations have been affected by the current crisis and are struggling to keep their staff employed.

In the long term, if needed, we will consider requests from nonprofits impacted due to inability to hold events and fundraisers.

We have been receiving a lot of requests.  Grants may not be decided within the week you apply.

Once submitted, an application will remain open until further notice.


Due to the rapidly changing nature of this pandemic, we will review our grant options as we learn from you what is needed.

Please file your Grant Applications Online.

Permanent Endowment for Martha's Vineyard - The Island's Community Foundation