“Corn Field,” by 12th Creative Living Award Recipient, Allen Whiting

Since 1983, we have celebrated our community in our annual Creative Living Award, dedicated to recognizing an Islander who has “enhanced and preserved the quality of life of the Vineyard forever.” This Fund was created to honor Ruth Bogan who, in the words of her friend Ruth Redding, was a “gallant woman who loved beauty, who loved the Vineyard and who believed ‘anyone can do anything.’”  In her letter of instruction to the Foundation, Ruth Redding requested that some funds be used to “encourage fine craftsmanship, creativity and ingenuity in many fields.”

From artists to farmers and doctors to volunteers, this award has highlighted the accomplishments of individuals and groups who have contributed significantly to the quality of life on the Island. A look at past recipients creates a living tapestry of the life and values of Martha’s Vineyard.

Below is an excerpt from the original letter of intent, sent from Ruth Redding:

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