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2024 Scholarship Applications are now open and are due by Friday, March 15. Fill out an application online, here. A list of all materials needed can be found below.
Since 1984, we’ve awarded over 2,000 scholarships to Island students. Roughly half of these awards supported high school seniors entering college and half went to students currently enrolled in college and graduate school programs as well as nearly 100 mariners pursuing their Captain’s licenses. Scholarships typically range in size from $1,000 to $15,000, depending on a student’s need and availability of funds.


the following materials are required of every applicant

☐ Personal Essay: please use this opportunity to tell us something about you that is not covered in the application. 10,000 character limit.
Current Letter of Recommendation: This should dated either 2023 or 2024, and be from a professional, such as a teacher, professor, coach, employer, advisor, etc, and can be uploaded either by the applicant or by the reference themselves. If you are a high school senior, the Guidance Counselor Report can be considered as a letter of recommendation.
☐ Current Transcript
☐ Current GPA on a 4.00 scale
☐ Volunteer & Social Activism Experience
☐ Academic Awards & Honors
☐ Extracurricular Activities
☐ Financial Information: Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) based on your Student Aid Report (SAR).
☐ Field of Study, Intended Major, and College/University/Other Institution you plan on attending (if you have not yet received an admission decision, please list your first choice of institution).
☐ Projected Program Costs including: Projected tuition, room and board, and other expenses (books, transportation, etc.)


in addition to the required Personal Essay, you may also choose to apply to the following essay-based scholarship. Essays may not exceed 10,000 characters.

☐ Blankenship/Hughes Essay:
Established by the Ruth B. and Robert H. Hughes Charitable Annuity Trust, this essay scholarship is awarded to a senior of MVRHS who best answers the question, “how can I help improve the quality of life on the Vineyard?”


☐ A Second Letter of Recommendation

☐ Performance Audio/Videos:
An opportunity to upload up to 3 performance audio/videos to be considered for the Will Luckey Scholarship Fund and the Island Community Chorus – Peter R. Boak Music Award. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the Island Community Chorus Peter R. Boak Music Award is paid for the Fall semester of the second year of education. The award is paid after the submission of the student’s first year transcript, which lists the music classes that have been taken and the grades earned in those classes.

☐ Work Experience: an opportunity to list work experience if you feel it adds to your application (1,000 character limit)

☐ Career Goals: an opportunity to briefly describe, including future plans for additional education where applicable (1,000 character limit)

Island students awarded scholarships in 2021.
in scholarships awarded in 2021.
Established Scholarship Funds
Years of Investing in the Futures of Islanders
Martha's Vineyard Community Foundation