Zeitz Stained Glass Window Fund, photo by Reece Robinson

The Community Foundation is pleased to offer fiscal and administrative support to select Island initiatives, thereby freeing them up to focus on the work they set out to do.
Chappy Point to Point

The Chappy Point to Point is a five mile road race on Chappaquiddick.  Proceeds from the race will be used to support non-profit community initiatives to benefit the residents and environment of Chappaquiddick. These initiatives have included benefitting the Land Bank’s purchase of Cove Meadow, and IGI’s Chappaquiddick food waste initiative.

Coalition to Create the Martha's Vineyard Housing Bank

The Coalition is working to establish a MV Housing Bank modeled largely after the MV Land Bank.

With median Vineyard real estate sales exceeding $1m, it is becoming harder than ever for working people to afford stable housing.  The affordable housing crisis that has been with us for several decade is intensifying.

The coalition is comprised of broad community representation.  It’s role is to listen, educate and build Island-wide support for this initiative.

To learn more, click here, or email info@ccmvhb.org to join the coalition.

Friends of M.F. Correllus State Forest

In collaboration with the Division of Conservation and Recreation, the Friends will work to enhance and preserve the natural resources of the Forest’s sandplain ecosystem while accommodating compatible recreational uses.

The Friends propose to further the appropriate management of the Forest’s sandplain ecosystem by providing support for the maintenance of existing fire break lanes in order to reduce the growing risk of wildfire within and beyond the Forest perimeter.  In so doing, the management goal is to increase the vast potential for habitat for dormant fire-adapted plant species currently dominated by other vegetation types.

Additionally, the Friends will work to enhance opportunities for existing and future appropriate recreational uses, such as horse back riding, cross-country skiing, frisbee golf, hiking, model airplanes, and other non-invasive activities, compatible with good resource management.

Bob Woodruff would be happy to discuss this further.  He can be reached at woodruffbob@comcast.net.

Island Clergy Emergency Homeless Fund

The purpose of this Fund is to serve the immediate, short-term needs of those without immediate housing and those facing imminent loss of housing on Martha’s Vineyard.

Island Tick-Borne Illness Prevention Fund

The goal of theTick-Borne Illness Prevention program is to reduce the incidence of tick-borne illnesses on Martha’s Vineyard.  To achieve this goal, the program combines research, public education and advocacy for individuals and the Island community at large.  To learn more, click here.

Job's Neck Pond Fund

To provide resources for the ecological health of Job’s Neck Pond.

Tisbury Working Waterfront

Preserving the working nature of the Vineyard Haven waterfront

Vineyard Haven Band Fund

Founded in 1868, The Vineyard Haven Band has been providing free, live concert band music to the public on Martha’s Vineyard for 149 years!

While earnings from the Band’s traditional sources cover the Band’s basic needs such as rent and insurance, it does not cover additional expenses such as sheet music, music stands, instrument cases and refurbishments etc.

This fund will be used to ensure that the Vineyard Haven Band can continue to provide free music for another 150 years.

Vineyard Vision Fellowships

Funding Fellowships through grant administration for:
• Lynne Ditchfield, Borders to Bridges Educational Program
• Carrie Fyler, Tick-related community programs; development of Tick Lab
• Richard Johnson, Tick-Borne Illness Prevention Program

To learn more, click here.

Zeitz Stained Glass Window Fund

This Fund supports Barney Zeitz’s Flieden Stained Glass Windows Project, for the present Evangelical Church in Flieden, Germany, which was formerly a synagogue prior to WWII.  To learn more, click here.

Project Funding Paid in 2020

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