Grant making at the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation is a thoughtful process

Through careful assessment of community needs, understanding of existing programs, identification of gaps in service, and evaluation of nonprofit management, the Foundation works to provide the most effective support for local nonprofit organizations. Our grant making priorities are guided not only by the knowledge of our Board but also by our donors’ charitable intentions. We support organizations with a well-planned approach to issues and needs, a demonstrated base of support, capable leadership and the involvement of individuals with the skills necessary to carry out the work.

Our Grant Funding has increased dramatically
over the last four + decades:

From 1982-2018, the Foundation created an impressive Lifetime Portfolio of over 210 Island-based nonprofit organizations, to which we have granted:  $3,937,014

  • 1982-1989 = 21 nonprofits = $120,014
  • 1990-1999 = 54 nonprofits = $372,612
  • 2000-2009 = 129 nonprofits = $1,087,815
  • 2010-2019 = 112 nonprofits = $2,897,918*

*Includes Pass-through grant funding for Gay Head Lighthouse move of $736,270

Endowment Grant Funding by Decade

Our Grant Project Funding:

The Foundation is pleased to offer fiscal and administrative services to select Island initiatives, thereby freeing them up to focus on the work they set out to do. To date, we have distributed  $251,897 through project funding.

  • Arts = $9,500
  • Community = $121,584
  • Environment = $81,837
  • Health = $25,374

Current Lifetime Giving by Primary fields of interest:

Lifetime giving from 1982-2019.

  • Arts = 32 nonprofits = $343,623
  • Community = 119 nonprofits = $2,128,330
  • Environment = 23 nonprofits = $482,045
  • Health = 36 nonprofits = $1,415,587

Where is Education you might ask?
We see Education as a component of all these areas, for instance grants for Art Education are included in Arts, and Environmental Education Programs are included in Environment.  Grants that support schools are included in Community.  

Martha's Vineyard Community Foundation