“Mallow at James Pond,” Oil, 2012 by Kib Bramhall

We believe in the power of community. For when people work together, emergency finds ready resources. Promise finds fulfillment. Charitable vision finds meaningful impact. And the world becomes a better place for us all.

We believe in this Island, where wealth and need live down the road from each other. Where one neighbor was born on the Vineyard, another in Brazil and yet another comes by ferry every summer. Together we are a vibrant, diverse and inclusive community.

Our name is an invitation to be more than a donor, our name is an invitation to be an agent of change. For it is the person to person commitment that brings strategic goals to life. And touches the heart of a donor. Lifts the spirit of a partner and life of the person we help.

Our work lifts us all. Families and communities, cultures and country, and the lush, rugged little Island off the coast of can-do New England that is Martha’s Vineyard.

Join us. How would you like to honor the past, fund the present and invest in the future?

Brown Advisory manages our endowment fund. For more than 20 years, Brown Advisory has partnered with endowments, foundations and other nonprofits to help them achieve ambitious investment and organizational goals.

We believe that Brown Advisory’s thoughtful, sustainable investment approach can bridge the gap between maximizing the return of our investment portfolio, and maximizing progress toward our mission, within a unified portfolio strategy.