The Climate Action Fund was established by the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation, with the goal to fund projects identified by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) that address the effects of climate change on the Island. This includes extreme weather such as storms, flooding, increased heat, as well as public health and safety, food security, and impacts to the local economy. A 20-year Climate Action Plan being developed by the MVC will help map the way. Contributions to the Climate Action Fund will help turn climate challenges into opportunities to improve the Island’s environment, economy, and our quality of life.

Contact Liz Durkee, MVC Climate Change Planner
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Funding will be used to:
• provide local matches for grant projects
• implement Town, county, tribal, and MVC climate change resilience projects

Visit Island Climate Action Network for more resources

Sound science is critical for successful climate planning. The MVC is currently seeking local matching funds for the following grants below, as well as general funding for smaller projects and ongoing climate work (an advisory committee will distribute general funds as needed):

The Woodwell Climate Research Center of Woods Hole:
to study decade by decade climate change projections, including sea level rise, flooding, coastal erosion, heat and drought, and to document carbon storage levels in the Island’s land and water. The total budget for this project is $608,000. Funding for the project is being sought through donations across a broad spectrum of private donors, organizations, and foundations with ties to the Vineyard.

The US Army Corps of Engineers:
to document both Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket’s carrying capacities and supply chain thresholds and limitations. The federal government will contribute 50% of the funding needed for this project.