The Permanent Endowment Fund for Martha’s Vineyard

Is Recruiting for its new Endowment Leadership Council


At this pivotal time in its history, The Endowment is recruiting for twenty-five (25) members of a vital, energetic, outward-facing body of volunteers, connectors, donors, and, ultimately, ambassadors serving this organization on many specific and targeted fronts.

As is the case in most nonprofit organizations, the success of our work is, and will continue to be, dependent on many forms, types, and levels of leadership. Thus, we will seek to build a new group made up of many leaders across our community and beyond:

  • Leaders in philanthropy;
  • Leaders of social, political, and economical influence;
  • Leaders of industries;
  • Leaders of key Island-based areas of interest.

Launching in the Fall of 2015, The Permanent Endowment Fund for Martha’s Vineyard Leadership Council will be comprised of a group of leaders who are committed to our mission, and to empowering the The Endowment to bring our work to transformational scale across key areas of strategic importance to the Island, and to the betterment of the entire Island community.


Membership Responsibilities:

As members of The Endowment’s Leadership Council, these individuals will:

  • advise The Endowment’s leadership, staff and administration on the establishment of compelling cases for support, and assist in marketing the organization to all potential constituencies of influence;
  • serve as strong and enthusiastic ambassadors of our work, and of The Endowment in general, raising the visibility of its achievements, its community, and its mission of public service;
  • serve as active and enthusiastic Endowment network builders, connecting the organization to potentially interested donors, volunteers, additional Leadership Council recruits, as well as potential staff, scholars, grantees, etc.;
  • attend two specific Endowment Events, The Endowment Leadership Council Retreat (a half-day working meeting), and The Endowment Leadership Council Social (celebratory social event held closely before or after the CLA award event), and host at least one small Endowment fundraising / outreach event at their home, or place of work, every two years;
  • participate as needed on committees that consider specific matters of importance to The Endowment, and in doing so, take on leadership roles in addressing some of The Endowment’s toughest challenges and most inspiring opportunities;
  • personally give, or procure through professional / personal connections, and/or via corporate matching gifts, a minimum, annual contribution of $10,000 to The Endowment General Discretionary Fund, or $10,000 to a fund of his/her own within The Endowment, providing key financial endorsement of the organization. 100% participation is required.

*Gifts from Endowment Leadership Council members will help set the pace for philanthropy at the Endowment during a transformational time of great growth and progress in the history of the organization. In addition to their annual commitments to the Endowment general discretionary fund, most members will also make or influence additional major gifts to support other strategic priorities of the organization.


The Endowment Leadership Council will be staffed by the Executive Director and led by a Chair, or team of Vice-Chairs, who will work closely with The Endowment’s Executive leadership, the Endowment Board of Directors, Endowment Development Committee, and other advisors to set the agenda for each year of council activities.

Throughout the year, Endowment Leadership Council members also will receive:

  • comprehensive reports from the Endowment Executive Director, the Chair of the Endowment Board of Directors, and the Endowment Chair of the Development Committee;
  • regular communications from Endowment leadership with news and advance notice of developments within the organization, or in the field;
  • invitations to other events of interest, including lectures, social events, and site visits, so they may become highly educated about, and engaged in, Endowment’s work in the field;
  • relevant articles, case studies, and/or marketing materials to evaluate for Endowment’s use in promoting our work.

Terms of Service:

At the invitation of the Chair of the Board, Endowment Leadership Council Members may serve for up to two (2) three-year terms based on the quality of their service, and their desire to serve. Through their guidance, enthusiasm, innovative ideas and financial generosity, the Endowment Leadership Council members will provide strong leadership and an inspiring example to the entire Endowment community, and the Island overall.

Membership is limited to twenty-five individuals.