1854...a Folk Opera
(US Slave Song Project is FS)
Arts$3,000.00 Endowment: $2,000.00 Start up funding for the opera; MVSBCF: $1,000.00. Same as above.
All Island Art ShowArts$312.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
American Cancer Society, Cape and Islands ChapterHealth Services$780.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Red Cross, Cape and Islands Chapter

Health Services$156.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Animal Shelter of Martha's VineyardCommunity$156.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Aquinnah Cultural CenterCommunity$2,500.00 Endowment: $1,500.00 Children of Aquinnah Wampanoag Days; MVSBCF: $1,000.00 9th Annual Native American Artisan's Festival.
BiodiversityWorksEnvironment$3,250.00 Student internships, new laptop computer, and office storage.
MV Book Festival
(Chilmark Town Affairs Council is FS)
Community$5,600.00 Endowment: $4,600.00 Keeping the MV Book Festival free and accessible and to help fund the MV Author Lecture Series. MVSBCF: $1,000.00 same as above.
Creative Living Award Philanthropy RaffleCommunity$1,000.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
FARM Institute, TheEnvironment$4,300.00 Pasture Management project and partial funding for the wheelchair ramp in the Passive Solar Greenhouse.
Featherstone Center for the ArtsArts$2,000.00 MV Ukulele Festival
Felix Neck Wildlife TrustEnvironment$780.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Friends of MVY RadioCommunity$4,000.00 Endowment: $2,000.00 Sunday Morning Community Affairs Program; MVSBCF: $2,000.00 Broadcasting program with MV Regional High School students.
Friends of Oak BluffsCommunity$312.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Hospice of Martha's VineyardHealth Services$4,780.00 Bereavement Training, plus a Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Island Community ChorusArts$4,500.00 Endowment: $2,000 20th Anniversary Concert; MVSBCF: $2,500.00. Same as Above.
Island Elderly HousingCommunity$4,650.00 Transportation - The Blueberry Van
Island Theatre WorkshopArts$2,500.00 MVSBCF Grant: Costumes for "The King and I" production
Martha's Vineyard Association of EMTsCommunity$9,100.00 Endowment: $8,100.00 Emergency Medicine Education Programs, 2016 Electronic Testing and Education Software Program; MVSBCF: $1,000.00 medical manikins.
Martha's Vineyard Cancer Support GroupHealth Services$2,000.00MVSBCF Grant: Evening Under The Stars Fundraiser
Martha's Vineyard Chamber Music SocietyArts$2,000.00 Endowment: $1,000.00 Annual Spring Concert; MVSBCF: $1,000.00 Annual Thanksgiving Concert
Martha's Vineyard Community Services, Inc.Community$11,180.00 Endowment: $9,400.00 Emergency Services technology and equipment, Early Childhood Program Technology; MVSBCF: $1,000.00. CONNECT to End Violence program; Plus a Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Martha's Vineyard Figure Skating ClubCommunity$5,000.00MVSBCF Grant; Pre-School Skating Program
Martha's Vineyard Film Society/Silver Screen Film Society, Inc.Arts$3,000.00 Endowment: $1,500.00 Environmental Film Festival; MVSBCF: $1,500.00. MV International Film Festival
Martha's Vineyard HospitalHealth Services$780.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Martha's Vineyard Mediation ProgramCommunity$2,000.00 Endowment: $1,000.00; Municipal Conflict Resolution Training - MVSBCF: $1,000.00 same
Martha's Vineyard MuseumCommunity$4,500.00 Endowment: $3,000.00 Island History in Island Schools Education Program and MVSBCF: $1,500.00 Elder Outreach program
Martha's Vineyard Public Charter SchoolCommunity$3,275.00 MVSBCF Grant: Garden Greenhouse Restoration $1,500.00, Educational Mini Grants $1,775.00
Martha's Vineyard Public SchoolsCommunity$7,512.00MVSBCF Educational Mini Grants
Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary of the Massachusetts Audubon SocietyEnvironment$3,000.00 Endowment: $2,000.00 Osprey Monitoring program; MVSBCF: $1,000.00 Annual Fall Festival.
Minnesingers Parent GroupArts$1,000.00 MVSBCF Grant: Spring 2015 Performance
NAACP MVCommunity$156.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Niantic Park RestorationCommunity$5,000.00 Basketball program
The Red Stocking FundCommunity$156.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
RISE Above Access<Arts$2,500.00 Scholarships for RISE Access Students
Save the Gay Head Lighthouse
(Town of Aquinnah)
Community$573,236.00 Pass-through funding for donors to the project.
Seaworthy Inc.Community$2,500.00 Funding to complete the interior of the vessel
Shenandoah FoundationCommunity$10,000.00 Week-long Sailing School Program for Island Elementary Schools
Sheriff's Meadow FoundationEnvironment$780.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
West Tisbury Free Public LibraryCommunity$1,000.00MVSBCF Grant: Drama of Live Opera
Vineyard Conservation SocietyEnvironment$780.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Vineyard Haven Public LibraryCommunity$312.00Bequest from Ruth Bogan
Vineyard HouseHealth$2,000.00 Outside lighting to increase access for recovery meetings.
Vineyard Montessori SchoolCommunity$1,000.00 Elementary teacher certification program at Seacoast Center
Vineyard Playhouse, The
(DBA MV Playhouse)
Arts$2,500.00 Endowment: $1,000.00 Lighting equipment; MVSBCF: $1,500.00 Charter School theater project.
Windermere Nursing and Rehabilitation CenterHealth Services$2,000.00 "Dancers at HeART" program.
Women Empowered to Make Healthy Choices, Inc.Community$1,000.00 MVSBCF Grant: Strategic planning and outreach.
Yard, Inc., TheArts$6,000.00Endowment: $4,000 Fall and Winter 2015 - Making It: School Education program. MVSBCF $2,000 All Ages Dance Program