See the full list of 2022 Grant Recipients, here.Read the Article in the Vineyard Gazette

This year’s grant recipients reflect the vibrant nonprofit network which touches each aspect of our community. In the 2022 competitive grant cycle, $326,000 was awarded to 33 nonprofits and organizations working across the Island to address the community’s ongoing needs.


This year’s grants will inspire the next generation of Islanders with both in-school and out-of-school enrichment, supply warm winter clothes for 300 children, provide our neighbors with food and shelter, prepare the Island for the changing climate, and truly so much more.


The proof of a community foundation is in the work of our esteemed partners. Here’s a closer look at just a few of the initiatives our Island’s nonprofits will be working on in the coming year with the support of these grants.

Penikese Island School (pictured above) opens up a 75-acre wildlife sanctuary on the remote island of Penikese to Vineyard students. 4th-12th graders embark on “Discovery Days” field trips where they are immersed in learning the Island’s history and exploring its natural environment. Awarded $5,000.


Martha’s Vineyard Museum maintains an extensive oral history collection, which preserves the history of Islanders in their own voices. More than 1,700 interviews are being preserved for all to enjoy. Awarded $7,500.


BiodiversityWorks is working to help landowners contain and eliminate invasive plant species across the Island in a creative way—a volunteer co-op known as the “Invasive Plant Brigade.” Awarded $7,500.


Health Imperatives of MV, operating the Family Planning Clinic on the Island, does not turn away anyone seeking essential sexual and health services, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. Grant funds will provide services to un- or under-insured Vineyard residents who would otherwise not receive critical care due to their immigration status or income. Awarded $15,000.


Island Grown Initiative is providing in and after school cooking classes which introduce students of all ages to nutritious vegetables and healthy ways to prepare them. Classes are tailored to take into consideration what equipment students have access to at their homes, and focus on healthy and nutritious meals. Awarded $15,000.


Communication Ambassador Partnership This grant will ensure interpreter services are available for all who need them, will pay interpreter’s insurance and salaries, and will provide a community interpreter class for MVRHS students, our next generation of interpreters. Awarded $19,740.

Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center (pictured above) is increasing access to its therapeutic programs by focusing on outreach to the Brazilian student population. Students with limited English language skills will benefit from this unique Equine Assisted Learning class. Awarded $7,600.


Vineyard Montessori School has responded to an immense need by adding 18 toddler spaces and 19 preschool spaces in their daycare preschool program within the last year. Their Strong Start Scholarship Program ensures working families get the financial tuition assistance needed. Awarded $10,000.

See the full list of 2022 Grant Recipients, here.